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MyRedHairGene.com, an affiliation of Alpha BioLaboratory, Inc. provides RedTracer DNA Test to help individuals identify whether or not they carry the red hair causing variants in their MC1R genes. The RedTracer DNA Test results are for personal use only. MyRedHairGene.com is not a court approved genetic testing facility and the test results should not and cannot be used as evidence for any legal or custody disputes. Furthermore, MyRedHairGene.com and its associated staff, owner, and consultants/advisors assume no liability or obligation to appear in court as witness for any legal disputes based on the results of our RedTracer DNA tests.

While variations in MC1R gene account for the majority of the redheads, about 10% of people with red hair have been reported that do not carry any variation in their MC1R gene. In addition, some red hair carriers can exhibit freckles and red hints in their hair. Although the exact scientific reasons have not been provided, it is hypothetized that hair and skin color in human are controlled by multiple genes. Among them, the MC1R gene plays an important role.