Finding The Hidden Treasure

MyRedHairGene.com is a subsidiary fully owned and operated by Alpha Biolaboratory, Inc. Over the past few years we have received steady requests from Europe and the US asking to help them find out whether they are red hair carriers, whether their new born baby genetically is a redhead, or whether they inherited a family trait from their dearing grandparents. Some wanted to know their chance of having a redheaded baby. Still others were surprised to find their new-born with beautiful red hair that was unique to the entire extended family. All these are credited to the wonderful nature of the recessive trait, as it can go hidden among the population for generations, until two carriers were brought together by marriage and produced offspring. In the case of red hair, the pleasant surprise is often beyond description.

As we learned more, we were intrigued by the complexity of variations in the human MC1R gene, their physiological effects on skin and hair color, and the possibility of ethnic-specific variations that have been reported, but are yet to be fully explored. MyRedHairGene.com is our portal for providing testing service to the general public. Many of you are concerned about redheads disappearing in the near future. Redheads might be in decline due to globalization and ethnic mixing, but the genetic trait will carry on in the population from generation to generation, thus to help preserve the redheads, knowing that you are a carrier can be a huge step forward. This is where we can help.

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